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Not the Same Old


It has always been the case that old habits die hard and that new ways must undergo exhausting

 trials, but much like pollution and climate change and the earth being round, you can't blockade the

 obvious for ever.  It's the same with marketing communications.  Right now we're mostly in a

dark-side configuration, with dubious methods employed to sell products and services of a

 dubious nature.  Think sugary drinks, fattening foods and planet-destructive practices.

But as we all wise up slowly to what's good for us, so are products and services reforming to meet

 fresh objectives.  Savvy customers want better products and services and better ways of finding out

 about them. That means enlarging our client's 
success sphere with no sharp practice.

That said, the opportunities in the ethical space have never been greater.

  Astonishing  communication options provide an almost bewildering choice; who to reach when

and how?  And the expense of producing content and messaging to all the newly-defined groups and

cohorts and their subsets on their different devices can be daunting to say the least.  So stripping a

 campaign or program of expensive frills and
repurposing the work towards better-focused,

sustainable goals is not only desirable but essential.  When your messaging is cleaner

and stronger, people welcome and remember it and you save greatly on repetition.

New Stuff

Between the inevitable and the possible lies the opportunity for action.  We cannot ignore advanced

 scientific research into the capability of communicating instantly through space and possibly time,

 unaided by gadgetry, much like schools of fish or flights of birds.  Quantum entanglement may

also play a part, as  physicists are actively researching; a thrilling communications frontier.

Regrets:  Big Business' Fall from Grace


Writes The Economist, a highly respected publication:

 “ It is
hardly surprising that much business has fallen from grace in recent years.  The credit crunch

 almost plunged the world into depression.  The new century began with the implosion of Enron and

 other prominent firms.  Some bosses pay themselves like princes while preaching austerity to their

 workers.  Business titans who once graced the covers of magazines have been hauled before

legislative committees or carted off to prison.  This is
doubly regrettable.  It is regrettable because it

 has allowed critics of business to dominate the discussion of corporate morality.  For all too many

 people it is now taken as a given that companies promote greed, crush creativity

and monopolize power.” 

Public Relations and Publicity


PR and publicity have long played a key role in bringing matters to the attention of the newsmedia.

And for those who say "any publicity is good publicity", are you crazy?  Just remember the BP oil leak

 catastrophe in the Gulf.  But media have changed massively since the extraordinary
concentrations of

 ownership these days, and the decreasing readership of forest products like newspapers and paper

 books.  The digital world is gaining ground as the lowest-cost repository of free expression and

 experimentation.  Yet the digital world is not risk-free.  People have lightning-fast attention

spans and much content is
notoriously unchecked; bogus claims abound and people both

 whacky and dangerous prey on the defenceless even as  brilliant scientists and

scholars publish amazing works online.  

So remember that there's very much more

to commercial communication than texting teenagers on their cell phones.

  Accordingly, we take exceptional care in preparation of your materials

and message placements in whatever media so they
actually get

heeded, don't get lost in the endless info-go-round and

 always do a
fine job furthering your business.


Studies prove that good vs bad decisions are demonstrated by babies as young as six months,

 and that moral judgements are a fact of life for normal people from then on.  So when we see or hear

 phony exaggerations, or squint to try and read impossibly small disclaimers scrolling rapidly down the

 bottom of our screens, our innate sense of judgement kicks in and says:  "There's something wrong

 about this.  It's not kosher.  At some level someone is trying to scam me."

But even in times of deceit, economically sensible, ethically-sound commercial communications

 improve the human condition and are, in fact, a constant in the ascent of mankind.  When people truly

 connect with others in that mindspace where we make firm decisions, then business miracles become

 possible. Clean, strong communication leads to clean, strong relationships and

an enthusiasm to do business. 

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