Business Images Commercial Communication

Many messages are sent, but few are heeded


People are fed up and very distrustful of much communication today and it's not getting better.

With the advent of social communications and personal media
digitally affecting the marketplace and

 exerting a huge influence on how people perceive and respond to commercial messaging, the

 dynamic of reaching and satisfying people with particular information has changed forever.

Business thrives on credible communication


All commercial communications have a job to do, selling the entity that creates them.  It hardly

matters what they used to call themselves in the old days, be it advertising [the word was first used in

 the King James Bible] or public relations or marketing.   Some agents think trickery works best, and

it has occasionally, especially in politics. But as every savvy business person knows, it’s too

risky as it always corrodes both your image and people's trust.

Remember ”Weapons of mass destruction”?   Or “No more taxes?”  And how about: “We’ll never cut

 services” ?  All bogus political bait-and-switch campaigns, which is why we don’t do politics.  But CEOs

 and senior managers of modern enlightened  companies need to communicate and
invest for longer

 than next week. 

Quite a few simply make superior products like Honda, of course,  or offer extraordinary service like

 Lexus.  Or rock-bottom prices like Walmart and Target.  But what of those not so huge, yet with

good stuff to sell and honest service to back it up?  What of excellent but virtually  unknown

 or forgotten manufacturers who haven’t added enough new business to keep pace?

How do they implement a
profitable commercial-communication plan that’s good

both for now and to carry them forward?

Cleaner, stronger with modest investment

In these times of rising prices, our unique approach yields effective marketing communication at

 lower cost.  After all,
computers have gotten smaller and cheaper, as have many automobiles.  Why

 should marketing, advertising and pr budgets have to get endlessly obese?  Simply, they don’t

have to and in many cases can get
smaller with more power.

Helping good things happen


Using Business Images Commercial Communication,
sincere sellers connect clearly

 to potential buyers
without resorting to meaningless verbal froth or microscopic weasel type.  By

 communicating with others from their viewpoint, we enable your business entity to create that critical

 sphere of trust and goodwill which has always 
proven to foster commerce.

Exceptional communication from Business Images Commercial Communication includes original

 research, independent analysis, advice, navigation, products and maintenance.  A simple vision

and mission;
cleaner, stronger commercial and social communication by all ethical means.


 And it's
proven to work well.  Certainly it beats running seemingly cute but

flawed messages till we're sick of them.  You likely know

the ones; the commercial made you half-smile the first time

 but now it turns your interest off.


Business Images Commercial Communication; creating islands of meaning in the flood of information.

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